Inside Mobile

Hey folks! I’ll be speaking at Inside Mobile July 26th and 27th. If you are in the area, you should come check out the conference and say hi.

The topic: Right Idea, Wrong Implementation?

Augmented Reality is quickly becoming the buzzword of 2009 and Ad agencies are quickly jumping on the technology as a shiny new way to do marketing campaigns and engage users. This session discusses several of these campaigns, how they were implemented, the response from consumers, and whether or not they took full advantage of what the technology offers. There is much agreement that Augmented Reality is evolving mobile and will have a dramatic impact on many industries, but what are we doing right or wrong right now in the early stage?

See you there!


The InsideMobile conference is coming to San Jose on July 26 & 27. Here are some highlights from this O’Reilly/360Conferences event:
* Palm Pre SDK training - 2 4-hour sessions, one session gets you up to speed by building your first app and the second one takes you to the next level deep-diving into webOS specifics (Must register by 7/15 to qualify for this)
* Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote, talking about how apps have transformed mobile devices into invaluable tools for person and professional productivity, as well as entertainment.
* Keynote featuring VP from Samsung Korea, and eBay Mobile’s VP. * PhoneGap hands-on, learn to build for iPhone, Android and Blackberry all at once * Mobile Design hands-on and talk by Brian Fling, author of “Mobile Design & Development” * Sunday evening reception sponsored by Medialests * Panel: Evolution of Mobile: Beyond the Phone
This 2 days of lunch and a total of roughly 20 sessions for only $250!
Visit or for more information and to register!