New Etsy Shop! Oooooooh!

Ok, first of all, has it really been FIVE years since I have posted something here? I feel like that can’t be true, but it seems to be so. How embarrassing. I keep telling myself to post more, but other things keep getting in the way. I need to get off my butt and try to do a regular post every couple of weeks, if not more frequently.

Anyway, after reading an amazing post by Elizabeth Yin on her blog about the most annoying VC (and investor) questions, I thought I’d hustle a bit, get an etsy shop set up, and start selling some funny and clever t-shirts for other startup founders, co-founders, and people generally involved in startups.

Here is the link:

You should totally go there right now and buy a t-shirt, otherwise I’ll feel a little silly for putting in the time to make it happen haha. Besides, I need some pizza.

If you didn’t already click the link to Elizabeth’s post, you should. Not only do you get to read some of the most annoying questions, but she provides stellar advice on how to answer them. Then you should go and read the rest of the posts on the blog. Its great stuff and you will probably learn something useful. I did. Highly recommended.

Thanks for reading and hopefully, I’ll be posting more soon.

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