Tech Talk at Virginia Tech

I was invited by the ACM Club at Virginia Tech to be a guest speaker at one of their “Tech Talks” last night.

I was pleasantly surprised by the students and the questions they asked. Very smart bunch and friendly. The campus itself was gorgeous as well. If I ever went back to school, I think that Virginia Tech would find itself at the top of my list for where I’d want to go.

I’m planning on keeping in touch with some of the students, at least the ones that talked to me afterwards and gave me their email address. I hope they take my advice and get a profile up on LinkedIn and start networking as much as they can. It will pay off for them down the road as they advance their careers.

Thank you for having me guys, I had a good time and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Wake Tech Guest Speaker: Game Design Class

I had the opportunity to speak to the Students in the Game Design/Development degree program at Wake Tech here in North Carolina. I wanted to thank Walter Rotenberry and Wake Tech for the invitation and the opportunity to speak to the students. They asked a lot of very good questions at the end of the class, and I enjoyed chatting with a half dozen or so of them in their new development lab later in the day.

Guest Speaker: Indie MMO Game Development Conference

I will be attending the 2007 Indie MMO Game Development Conference in Minneapolis Minnesota this April over the 14th and the 15th as a guest speaker.

I will be giving a class on fundraising to aspiring game designers and developers that want to start their own company or studio and need to find funds to make it happen…

Fundraising: An Entrepreneur’s Perspective

The class will cover a variety of topics including how to find potential sources for funding, creatively structuring deals, choosing between debt and equity, handling investor relations, angels and venture funds, preparing business plans, common mistakes and pitfalls, when to walk away from a deal, deal points entrepreneurs should look for, and why a good attorney is an entrepreneur’s best friend.

and I will be moderating an open roundtable discussion:

In-Game Advertising: Gold Mine or Fool’s Gold

In-game advertising is getting a lot of attention as a primary or secondary source of revenue for online games. The roundtable will discuss the advantages and disadvantages to in-game advertising, as well as debate its controversial nature.

I will also be signing autographs for anyone that has bought my book, MMO Evolution.

Stop by and say hello!