Three Moves Ahead...

I love to read and I’m always ready to recommend books to people. However, it is a rare occurrence that I come across a book or two that I insist and demand that you absolutely MUST read. No, I’m not going to lay out a really long argument why, or try to convince you. You should know me enough by now to accept my recommendation like this at face value. I’m not in the habit of throwing down the “must read” tag unless I really mean it and have good reason.

ThreeMovesAhead%20Cover_med.jpgSo, stop what you are doing and go order “Three Moves Ahead: What Chess Can Teach You About Business” by Bob Rice (no relation) right now. Drive to the bookstore or get it online, I don’t care. But get it and get it now. Especially if you are in startup mode working on your business plan and trying to raise capital. This is book is critical food for those trying to turn around a business, deal with competition, or break into new markets. Is your “web 2.0” company struggling because you *still* don’t have a business model? You need to read this.

I talk a lot about “light bulbs” going off when I either have an idea, or I read something and suddenly a thought or a feeling I have had suddenly crystallizes with sweet clarity. A-ha! There were a lot of moments like this for me when I was reading this book…things that I had been doing intuitively but unable to express tangibly were suddenly laid out in clear and logical detail.

Every chapter is loaded with insight and compared to chess strategy and philosophy with some great examples about the Grandmasters. Bob Rice is an engaging writer and personal in his style. I felt like I was sitting down with him in a cafe while he imparted his knowledge and expertise…both in business and in the Chess world. It is not often I (or anyone else for that matter) has opportunities like this, and it just underscores the value of the book.

Really, go get this book and read it. It will open your eyes and make you a much better entrepreneur, captain of industry, executive, employee, designer, engineer, and chess player. 

Robert Rice