If I had 800 Billion dollars...

1) Give States the money, let them apply it where it is needed.

2) Match funds. Any private funding invested in startup or R&D to be matched by Government.

3) Alternatively, give tax credits for % of investing in qualified business ventures (State Gov’t monitored/approved)

4) Tax credits to companies for minimum of 12 months for every new job/employee they create (with some guidelines/limitations)

5) Invest heavily in elementary and secondary education. This should be major priority.

6) Fund one “big giant” national project…like moonbase, trip to mars, etc. Capture imagination, vision, ambition.

7) Dramatically increase military pay. Expand scope to focus on national and civil service. Increase benefits, education, skills training

8) Create grants, prizes, competitions, incentives for innovation in key areas…energy, transportation, tech, aerospace, bio, med, etc

There, 8 things that would cost less than $800B and would have immediate simulating effects and rapid job creation. Think about it…no pork, reasonable and logical oversight, and PLANNING.

That took me about ten minutes to come up with. I’m not going to rant about the lack of transparency, the deceit, the word twisting (that depends on what the definition of the word “earmark” is or the fact that the “failed economic policies” of the last eight years are the ones that come from the Democratic controlled congress).

We need to do something, no one is arguing that point. The problem here is that this spending bill is outrageous and scandalous. Combine it with Geithner’s crazy plan for how many trillion dollars, and there is a very real potential to handicap this country for generations…because our leadership is naive and the emperor has no clue. We need to think about this, and do it right, logically, and transparently.

Wake up America!

Cut spending, Cut taxes, Cut pork. Invest, Innovate, and do it Intelligently.

Congress should be ashamed of themselves.

I’m angrier than I have ever been. If I had the time and resources, I’d run for office myself and gun for one of these jokers that are destroying our economy.