If you follow my rambling thoughts on this blog, you know that I am very critical and ranty about some things. This is mostly because I expect more, and I’ve been greatly annoyed by what seems to be industry wide apathy, lack of innovation, and very little ambition. I’m tired of old tech being heralded as new and innovative, or something generic and simple paraded around as noble prize worthy. And I really don’t want to hear about how another Facebook widget will change the world or fix the so-called global warming.

Having said that, there are occasions where someone surprises me with an interesting idea, a well-designed product, or something really forward looking. This hasn’t happened for me in a very long time in tech, virtual worlds, or even MMORPGs. But this week, I heard about Kweekies.

Check that out. This, even in it’s early development stage, looks fantastic, slick, original, and fun. I’m not a big fan of markers, but these guys really put some effort and thought into it. And, instead of just looking pretty (I’m sure you have seen dozens of augmented reality demos on youtube with some goofy looking animated creature waving or whatever), Kweekies looks like it has some decent story and gameplay in it. I am actually looking forward to seeing this first hand, and I’d like to send a shout out to the developers. This is arguably one of the best AR demos I’ve seen in a while.

Kudos guys.

[Edit: hat tip to Games Alfresco where I heard about Kweekies]