"The Future of Mobile" at eDay

I’m flying to the Netherlands tomorrow for the eDay conference this week. I am giving a keynote on Thursday.

The Future of Mobile: Ubiquitous Computing and Augmented Reality

We are in the midst of a rapid convergence of trends and technologies that will result in a cataclysmic shift in business, industry, education, entertainment, media, and communications. To survive this dramatic change, leaders must be thinking ahead and preparing to leverage new business models, social shifts, emerging markets, and new technologies. Robert will discuss the augmented reality roadmap, describing what the technology is, how it works, and what potential it bears. Further, he will address how the shift from mobile phones to mobile internet devices, the coming “internet of things”, and other trends combined with these new technologies will affect culture, commerce, and communication, as well as how to prepare for it.

It should be fun, I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone there. The conference organizers so far have been awesome, organized, and really on top of things.

See you in Rotterdam!