Praevisio: Future Vision

I just put up a massive post on its own section called Augmented Vision and the Decade of Ubiquity.

Here is an excerpt:

2010 to 2020 will become The Decade of Ubiquity. Not only will Level 3 become a reality, but the advent of this will spawn entirely new industries, professions, and hundreds of thousands of jobs. The impact of L3 will be equal to or greater than the effect of the Internet and the Web combined. Nearly every industry will change in some way, and L3 technologies will have a dramatic effect on our day to day lives, jobs, education, entertainment, culture, politics, society, and so on. Even newspapers will evolve and reinvent themselves. Today’s web designers and artists will become holoscape designers…

I wanted this to stand alone as it is a bit too long for a regular blog post (yes, I know I’m normally long-winded anyway), and to make it a bit easier to find (click on the nav bar up top where it says “Future Vision”).

I didn’t edit it much, so it might read like a stream of consciousness. That is ok, as it is meant as a way for me to share what I am thinking and give you a forum for your own replies and thoughts.

I might extend this later with specific examples of augmented reality in the future as it has the potential to be in various industries and fields, but for now, it is what it is.