Topsail Island 08

Once a year, for about a week, always at the end of August, I go to Topsail Island for a “working vacation”. I go with my girlfriend Holly, her mom, and the two dogs…Phoebe (our dog) and Sadie (mom’s dog). I have pictures of both in the photography section of this blog.

It is a working vacation because I end up working the entire week every year. Sure, I have a lot of work to do and taking a week off is a very good thing, but I can’t sit still, so I end up working. I have noticed though, that when I am working at the beach, I tend to get a lot of high-level thinking done and my creativity level, particularly in writing, jumps through the roof. A week at the beach usually turns out into a very relaxing, energizing, and productive period of time. So much so, that I think it would be worth my time to make this sort of thing a company policy for each of the teams…one week a year, in a relatively secluded spot for team building, planning, idea generation, problem solving, etc.

I was expecting to suffer with dial-up access this year, but it seems that one of the neighbors has a wide open wifi connection, so I am good to go for now. I just hope it goes with the house, and isn’t just an open router that a renter brought with them…only to go offline in a few days when they return home. Keep your fingers crossed for me eh?

I will still be answering emails and doing phone calls as usual, so while I may be out of the office, I am still working.

Wish you were here : )