Descent from the heavens...

I was standing out on the deck at the beachhouse smoking my pipe a few minutes ago when I saw a massive white object fall from the sky, almost straight down into the ocean. It was moving very fast, definitely not a flare or anything. If I stretch my arm out and make my thumb parallel to the horizon with my fingers pointed straight up, I would say it started about an inch or so above my middle finger (at least when I noticed it). It was very bright, easily brighter than the lights on the nearby pier, and a little smaller than my pinky fingernail. It may have had a tail, either that or it was just so bright and moving so fast it looked like it had a short one. It was bright white, no other colors that you would expect from something on fire.

I wish I could have seen where it landed, or at least on land. My curiosity is killing me. As it is, it would have to be really large to even consider finding on the ocean floor (assuming it wasn’t destroyed from impact).

Oh well, another of life’s mysteries. If anyone is aware of anything being tracked or expected to fall out of orbit, I’d be interested in knowing.